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300-author-train Impressions of Gdańsk

I was invited to visit Gdańsk in Poland, one of Europe’s most attractive cities. The folks there asked what kinds of things would interest me, and they chose a very eclectic group of fellow press colleagues because they wanted different perspectives of their city. This was a fascinating expedition into the urban fabric of an historic city. Using my preferred instrument — a rough and ready digital camera small enough to fit in a pocket, too cheap to even think about stealing and sufficiently inconspicuous to go unnoticed in a crowd — I returned with these impressions. The short video takes in the historic centre, the ports, the little known building murals in the suburb of Zaspa, and various sights associated with the Solidarity trade union movement.


Examples of Projects

  • Austria Country guide for Lonely Planet, seventh edition (released 2014), sixth edition (released, 2010).
  • Vienna city guide for Lonely Planet, seventh edition (released November 2013), sixth edition (released 2010).
  • Germany Country guide for Lonely Planet, seventh edition (released 2013).
  • Russia Country guide for Lonely Planet, sixth edition (released 2012), seventh edition (released 2015).
  • Trans-Siberian Railway Multi-country guide for Lonely Planet, fifth edition (released 2012), sixth edition (released 2015).
  • Siberia – A Cultural History Released by Signal Books (UK) and Oxford University Press (US) in 2010.

Other Projects

I began working as a freelance travel writer in the mid-1990s, when I was commissioned to work on the first edition of a Germany travel guide for the international guidebook publisher Lonely Planet. Please note that I am not currently accepting freelance projects.

Over the years I’ve been coordinating author and co-author on numerous other travel guides in the Lonely Planet series, including Germany editions (1, 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7), Austria (editions 5, 6 & 7), Vienna (editions 6 & 7), Berlin (excursions, edition 6), Western Europe (editions 4 & 5), Central Europe (edition 3), Europe on a Shoestring (edition 1), Russia, Ukraine & Belarus (edition 2), Russia (editions 6 & 7), and Trans-Siberian Railway (editions 5 & 6). My short stories have appeared in the travel literature anthologies Unpacked and Unpacked Again (Lonely Planet).

Travel writing credits also include work on a trade reference for the 2006 World Cup in Germany, articles published in Conde Nast Traveller, The Age newspaper (Melbourne), New Zealand Herald (Auckland) and Interval World (Asia Pacific/South Pacific/Mandarin), as well as translation of a Rome guidebook for Nelles Verlag (München) and fact checking for National Geographic Traveler on a Berlin guidebook.